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Google Cloud Database Migration service

Migrate Databases to Google Cloud with Database Migration Service

Migrating your Databases to the cloud brings significant enhancements to your business. These include flexibility to scale up and down as you go and quickly adapt to changes; cost savings as you only pay for the capacity you have used; security and the ability to recover from disasters thanks to many servers that can pick up your workload if one fails; and of course, increase in productivity since your team will be focused on running the business instead of maintaining servers. While the process of migrating to the cloud may be daunting, Google goes an extra mile to offer some tools and solutions to facilitate the migration. In this article, we will discuss the Google Cloud Database Migration Service (DMS) solution. 

Google Cloud Database Migration Service is a solution that was announced in November 2020 to simplify the migration of databases to Google Cloud SQL. The solution helps customers to migrate MySQL, PostgreSQL, and SQL Server databases to Google Cloud SQL from on-premises data centers, Google Compute Engine VMs, or other cloud providers. At the time of writing this article, the solution is available in preview for MySQL, has limited access to PostgreSQL, and support for SQL Server is to be added soon. 

Google Cloud Database Management Service features

DMS is a reliable Google Cloud solution that makes migrating your databases easy and cost-effective because of the built-in features, such as: 

  • Serverless experience

Google Cloud manages the DMS so you don’t have to worry about operational burdens. Things like server provisioning, monitoring workloads, and auto-scaling are already handled by Google. The service is designed to deliver high-performance and uninterrupted data replication at scale. 

  • Simple to use with a guided experience

The DMS comes with a guiding experience to walk you through the migration process. It has built-in customizable source configuration information which allows setting up multiple secure network connections as well as built-in scripts for easy execution. Moreover, it ensures that migrations are successful by enabling validation before starting the migration. You also get a progress status to know how far the migrations have run. 

  • Secure migrations

The DMS provisions multiple secure, private connectivity methods to ensure your data is protected while migrations are running. At the end of the migration, all data is encrypted by default. Furthermore, Cloud SQL provides multiple layers of security to meet the highest security requirements. 

  • Designed to be 100% compatible with open-source software

As you may know, MySQL and PostgreSQL are both open-source software packages with huge support from the online community. Cloud SQL is built to be 100% compatible with MySQL and PostgreSQL. So, if you are already using either of them, you can be sure to lift-and-shift smoothly, and with no surprises. 

  • Minimal Downtime

The DMS leverages the native replication capabilities of MySQL and PostgreSQL that guarantees highly accurate, high-fidelity migrations, at no extra cost. This feature allows continuous data replication from your source to the Cloud SQL ensuring minimal downtime during the migration. The Serverless experience feature contributes to minimal downtime by ensuring that there are no surprises and auto-scales the service to maintain high performance throughout the migration process.

Why should you use the Databse Migration Service from Google?

Cloud SQL is a top Google Cloud service, which powers some of the crucial applications at major enterprises around the world. The Database Migration Service (DMS) can help you migrate easily to Cloud SQL and benefit from unique integrations with other Google Cloud solutions such as Google Kubernetes Engine for running your applications at scale, BigQuery for analytics, AI platform for machine learning and data science, and many more.

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