Dataloss Prevention API

The current working environment is increasingly embracing a remote workforce that adds security challenges. For example, sensitive company data has to move between the company’s premises to on-site employees. Nowadays, employees use personal devices (BYOD) to navigate company websites; adherence to home office security measures is not universal, and VPNs fail to prevent internal threats. As a result, data security is vital to companies that handle clients’ private information, since a breach can permanently damage their reputation and credibility. Thus, mishandling clients’ personal information predisposes these companies to legal action. 

Google Cloud pays acute attention to these security challenges via their Data Loss Prevention (DLP) API. This service is primarily used to secure clients’ private information in the company’s cloud. Furthermore, various tools are incorporated to ensure that no sensitive data will be accessed, even in a security breach. Thus, this data is protected while still being used for daily business operations such as customer support or billing. 

Identification and Classification of Sensitive Data

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