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durchblicker – Out of the Dark – Into the Light

As sparring partner and trusted advisor, happtiq provided guidance based on their expertise and experience from migration projects with other customers allowing the client to take shortcuts and avoid pitfalls in their journey to the Google Cloud.

durchblicker (YOUSURE Tarifvergleich GmbH)

Durchblicker is an Austrian online platform that compares financial products, such as insurance, energy providers, and bank accounts. Its user-friendly website offers independent advice, exclusive deals, and personalized assistance. Durchblicker’s transparency has earned it awards and helped thousands of Austrians save money.

The Challenge

Suboptimal build processes in the CI/CD pipeline, manual VM
maintenance, lost trust in configuration management, slow test system setup, deficient secret management and faulty production configurations prove to be a burden. Multi-cloud issues, certificate management, and lack of DevOps culture raised concerns. Non-errors created noise, hindering real issue detection with poor logging and alerting.

The solution

Leveraging cloud-native technology like Cloud Run, Cloud Storage, Cloud Scheduler, Secret Manager, Cloud Armor, Container Registry and Cloud Load Balancing with CDN provisioned as code through Terraform. Configured Google Cloud to best practices, leveraged Cloud Monitoring and Security Command Center for alerting, migrated databases to Cloud SQL and used Cloud Functions for helper functions.

The results

After the successful migration, the customer experienced significant improvements in their infrastructure’s stability, reliability and vastly reduced operational efforts. They are particularly impressed by the scalability capabilities and cost-efficiency of Cloud Run and the leveraging Terraform to maintain their infrastructure as code. Working with happtiq proved to be a valuable experience.

google cloud migration

“I couldn’t be happier with the outcome of this migration project. happtiq’s expertise and the power of Google
Cloud have allowed us to achieve our goals efficiently and effectively. We are now well positioned to take
advantage of the latest cloud-native technologies and excited about what the future holds.”

Andreas Deuschl, CTO, durchblicker

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