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myposter GMBH – Junique google workspace domain consolidation

happtiq has partnered with MYPOSTER Group to help it merge the new aquired company JUNIQE from two Workspace instances into one and supported in the technical and project management parts.

myposter GmbH

myposter is a E-commerce company of high-quality photo products in Europe. Founded in 2011, the company offers a wide range of customizable products, including photo books, calendars, canvases, and more. With over millions customers, is committed to providing exceptional customer service and delivering products that exceed expectations.

The Challenge

MYPOSTER Group aquired JUNIQE GmbH begin 2022. Both
companies are using Google Workspace with different license tiers. The management effort for the myposter IT department was very high since they had to juggle two Workspace instances with different configurations. The merge of those two instances and the technical difficulties was the main challenge.

workspace domain consolidation
workspace domain consolidation

The solution

MYPOSTER Group turned to happtiq, who were able to create a
customized solution that addressed their needs. happtiq worked with MYPOSTER Group IT department to merge the two instances and ensure that all data was consolidated into a single, unified platform. They also helped to configure the platform according to the company’s needs and trained the staff on how to use the new platform effectively.

The results

The IT department of myposter was able to significantly reduce their management effort, which led to more efficient operations and cost savings. The staff members of both companies are able to collaborate more effectively and access the information they need quickly and easily. In addition, the new platform is much easier to use, which helped to improve overall productivity and job satisfaction.

“We were really struggling to manage two separate instances of Google Workspace, and it was becoming
increasingly difficult to get work done efficiently. After working with the experts from happtiq, we were able to
merge the two instances seamlessly, and everything just works so much better now. The merged platform is
really user-friendly, and our staff members are much happier and more productive.”

Toni Colak, System Admin, myposter GmbH

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