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WHAT IS NEW in the google cloud?

Read about the newest services in the Google Cloud and why happtiq is the Google Cloud Premier Partner you can trust!

Optimize your Gmail experience (Tips & Tricks)

Gmail can feel a bit overwhelming, can’t it? With a few insider tricks, we can get it under control …

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Google Cloud Next ‘24 Recap

Google Cloud kicked off its annual Next event in Las Vegas, on April 9th, 2024. It was a three-day e…

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Press Release:  happtiq Wins Google Cloud 2024 Sales Partner of the Year

Las Vegas, NV | Vienna, Austria, April 8, 2024 – happtiq today announced that it has received the 20…

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Data Mesh ft. Google Cloud

With a data mesh, businesses can implement democratic and agile data management practices, ultimatel…

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From Multimodal Marvels to Mixing of Experts – Google’s Gemini Evolution

Google has been busy updating it with new technology. This post will cover both the original Gemini …

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Gemini: Intro & Use Cases

Google has always wanted to build a generation of AI models closest to how humans understand and int…

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Level Up your productivity w/ Duet AI for Workspace

Duet AI is a new, AI-powered feature integrated into Google Workspace, enhancing collaboration and p…

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Duet AI for Google Workspace

Google Cloud has officially unveiled Duet AI for Google Workspace! This is a set of new GenAI capabi…

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vertex ai search

A Quick Guide to Google’s Vertex AI Search Magic

In this post, we’re about to unveil your secret weapon — a technology that makes harnessing the powe…

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google next 23

Google Cloud Next ‘23 Recap

Google Cloud Next ‘23 kicked off on August 29, 2023, in San Francisco, California. In this three-day…

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GenAI on Google Cloud

In the last year, we have seen a remarkable step change in the performance of GenAI and its potentia…

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Press Release: happtiq Wins Google Cloud Sales Partner of the Year

Sunnyvale, CA | Vienna, Austria, August 30, 2023 – happtiq today announced that it has received the …

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What is Vertex AI?

When building machine learning (ML) models, it takes a lot of input and expertise to move from data …

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Sovereign Cloud

What is T-Systems Sovereign Cloud?

Cloud computing is the leading asset in enabling digital transformation in Europe, and an overwhelmi…

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Google Workspace Security Whitepaper

In an increasingly interconnected world, organizations rely on digital collaboration tools for produ…

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search console data

Search Console Data Export to BigQuery

The Google Search Console is a great tool for accessing marketing analytics in terms of a website’s …

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google cloud identity

Who should use Cloud Identity?

Managing access to these services can be complex since different users typically need to have differ…

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cloud-based data warehouse

Big Query vs. Snowflake vs. Redshift Comparison

When it comes to cloud-based data warehouses, BigQuery, Redshift, and Snowflake are among the best o…

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Google Cloud Next ’22

Google Cloud kicked off its annual Next event on October 11, 2022. A three-day event where thousands…

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google appsheet

Google AppSheet

AppSheet is a no-code platform for developing mobile and web applications. With AppSheet, you can be…

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Google Cloud Landing zone

A Google Cloud landing zone is simply a foundational blueprint for cloud adoption on GCP. This frame…

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In comparison: Cloud Run vs. GKE

Developers love containers because they enable them to rapidly deploy, patch, and scale applications…

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Building a data-driven culture with Google Cloud

Building a data-driven culture is a journey that starts with understanding the importance of data, t…

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cloud migration

What holds you back from cloud migration?

Cloud is taking over pretty much every industry, so what aren't you joining the wagon? Large enterpr…

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cloud run jobs

Cloud Run Jobs

Cloud Run Jobs is an extension of Cloud Run built to make it easier to use it for unattended batch j…

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What is Google BigLake?

Google BigLake is a storage engine built to enable organizations to unify their data lakes and wareh…

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Google Cloud Meetups

Join our Google Cloud Vienna community! Be part of the Google Cloud Meetup Vienna communit…

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Best Google Cloud ETL Tools

Extract, Transform, and Load (ETL) refers to a series of processes that map your data’s journey from…

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How to – Google Cloud Migration?

Google Cloud Migration refers to a process by which enterprises move part of or all their on-premise…

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google cloud certifications

Google Cloud Certifications

Google Cloud has certification programs to validate the skills of individuals on Google Cloud techno…

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Spotify’s journey with Google Cloud

In 2016, Spotify announced that it would be moving to Google Cloud. Spotify did not choose Google Cl…

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Google´s carbon-free future

Google is aiming to be the first major company to run 24/7 on carbon-free energy by 2030. Currently,…

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gke autopilot and partner solutions

GKE Autopilot and its new partner solutions

In February 2021, Google Cloud added an Autopilot operation mode to the Standard operation mode in G…

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anthos service mesh

Anthos Service Mesh

Anthos Service Mesh (ASM) is Google Cloud’s fully managed service mesh for complex microservice arch…

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Cloud Armor

Cloud Armor is an enterprise-grade DDoS service and web application firewall (WAF) designed to prote…

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distributed cloud

Google Distributed Cloud

Data sovereignty needs, region/industry-specific compliance, and local data processing needs prevent…

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Google Cloud Managed Service for Prometheus

Prometheus utilizes powerful tools such as Grafana to provide observability across Kubernetes deploy…

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cloud run

Cloud Run for Anthos

The integration of Cloud Run with Anthos avails a flexible serverless platform for deployment in bot…

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Top 3 Developer Tools in Google Cloud

Google Cloud avails powerful developer tools to enable you to develop, deploy, and debug on the clou…

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Benefits of Google Cloud Hosting

Google Cloud Platform (GCP) provides a wide range of fully managed and integrated services that pion…

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Google Cloud NAT

Cloud NAT is a software-defined solution that lets certain resources without external IP addresses c…

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Google Cloud API Management Capabilities [Apigee]

Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) facilitate interactions between software allowing develope…

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serverless spark

Google Cloud Serverless Spark

With serverless Spark, you will be able to power ETL, data science, and data analytics workloads at …

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Google Cloud VMware Engine

Migrating to the Cloud is a top priority for most enterprises today. The biggest barriers to moving …

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load balancing

Load Balancing in GCP

Cloud Load Balancing (CLB) is a fully distributed software-defined service that balances user traffi…

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Cloud IDS (New GCP Feature)

Cloud Intrusion Detection System (IDS) is Google Cloud’s solution for detecting network-based threat…

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Google Workspace vs. Office 365 eBook

Download the full eBook to see all the benefits, pros and cons and – how teams are working together …

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From Google Borg to Kubernetes

Since its introduction, Kubernetes has been one of the leading container technology providers global…

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Data Lineage

Data lineage encompasses tracing data from its source and the transformations it may undergo to reac…

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Cloud Vision API

Google Cloud Vision API is a powerful cloud-based solution that combines the capabilities of image a…

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Blockchain solutions on GCP

Blockchain, which has experienced exponential growth over the last decade, needs GCP services to cat…

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Google Cloud Audit Logging

Cloud Audit Logs is a logging service on GCP that generates records of the actions that happen to yo…

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tool comparison

Infrastructure as Code – Tool Comparison [Terraform vs. Deployment manager vs. Ansible]

Infrastructure as Code (IaC) is a software delivery method that emerged through advancements in clou…

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Google Workspace

Collaborative work with Google Workspace

Google has revolutionized and rebranded their G-Suite offering to Google Workspace while adding tool…

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google cloud next

Google Cloud Next ‘21

Google Cloud Next ’21 Google Cloud Next is a global conference that brings together thousa…

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New Google Cloud Data Services (Vertex AI, Dataplex, Datastream)

In companies that deal with large volumes of data, complex data management is sometimes too intricat…

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data catalog

Google Cloud Data Catalog

Google Cloud Data Catalog is a highly scalable indexing service dedicated to data discovery and meta…

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Google Cloud Anthos

Applications need to be developed and deployed both on clouds and on-premises. Due to the complicate…

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Dataloss Prevention API

Data security is vital to companies that handle clients’ private information, since a breach can per…

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google cloud discounts

Google Cloud Discounts

Google Cloud’s devotion to providing affordable Compute Engine services is reflected in their custom…

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Infrastructure as Code (Possibilities and Benefits)

Infrastructure as Code is a modern software delivery method that has emerged through advancements in…

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Google Cloud BeyondCorp

BeyondCorp Enterprise is a Google Cloud offering that solves this problem. It works exclusively to p…

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security weeks #5

Google Cloud BeyondCorp Enterprise [GCP Security Week #5]

So quickly time has passed now and we are in the 5th and final week of our Google Cloud Security Wee…

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Google Cloud Security Weeks #4

Week 4 of our Google Cloud Security Weeks started and we would like to give you some more interestin…

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Why Trust the Google Cloud [GCP Security Week #3]

We are now in week 3 of our Google Cloud Security Weeks and would like to continue with the topic of…

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Google Cloud Unmanaged Accounts [GCP Security Week #2]

Last week we talked about the fact that such accounts exist in many companies, of which the internal…

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unmanaged accounts

Google Cloud Unmanaged Accounts [GCP Security Week #1]

Do you know how many of your employees have a Google account with their business email address? A lo…

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Google Serverless CI/CD

Serverless computing is a modern software delivery method that takes away the overhead of managing s…

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gke autopilot

Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE) Autopilot

Google continues delivering tools that make the life of developers easier. Modern applications requi…

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database migration

Google Cloud Database Migration Service

Migrating your Databases to the cloud brings significant enhancements to your business. These includ…

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Cloud Logging and Monitoring

Cloud logging and monitoring is the process of storing logs across all Cloud products with the possi…

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Data Warehousing with BigQuery

Data warehouses contain large collections of both historical and current business data that help org…

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lift and shift

Lift and Shift VMs

The Cloud has grown to become the main location for storing data for businesses across the globe. In…

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What is Knative?

Knative is a platform built on top of Kubernetes that enables you to build, deploy, and manage moder…

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Hybrid and Multi-Cloud

Hybrid and Multi-cloud

A hybrid cloud is a type a of cloud computing architecture that combines public cloud resources with…

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containerization in gcp

Containerization in GCP

Containerization is a topic that has greatly gained traction in the software development tech space …

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