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tubics GMBH – Improving on Cloud Security

happtiq supported tubics in eliminating critical security issues in their SaaS product and CI/CD pipeline which were flagged during a security audit and needed to be resolved within a short period of time.

tubics GmbH

tubics is an Enterprise SaaS solution covering
the whole video marketing value chain from
ideation to creation, optimization, and reporting.
The SaaS solution from tubics takes a logical and
data-driven approach to decision-making and
measures the effectiveness using quantifiable
outcomes and metrics.

The Challenge

During a security audit, several security related implementation details were marked as critical and needed to be resolved in a timely manner. Another challenge for the teams was that availability was a key criteria so that the proposed solution needed to keep in mind that no downtime was required for migration and no additional costs for the infrastructure incurred.

The solution

Tubics integrated Google Cloud’s Secret Manager into their
application stack and migrated any sensitive configuration file and data artifact into an encrypted and cloud native store. The CI/CD pipeline, implemented in Bitbucket, is now secured with Google’s Identity Aware Proxy and any critical open ports are closed and not exposed to the public internet anymore.

The results

With the help of happtiq, tubics managed to adopt Google Cloud’s security best practices for cloud native applications without compromising on developer experience. Both teams worked out a phased rollout plan which didn’t affect the release cycle and therefore was a huge success. All efforts were carried out within a few weeks, so that tubics could continue innovating with their product

“With happtiq’s help, we managed to resolve all issues with minimal changes within our application and delivery pipeline. The proposed and implemented
solution integrated neatless into our stack and
improved our security perimeter a lot!”

Matthias Posch, CTO & Co-Founder

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