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Dynamic Infrastructure provisioning on GKE

happtiq was responsible for the infrastructure provisioning on the Google Cloud and actively involved and guided Digitalsunray’s software development and operations team in cloud infrastructure best practices and reliability.

Digitalsunray Media GmbH

Digitalsunray is an established full-service digital
agency focusing on digital service design, custom
software development, and digital marketing.

Die Herausforderung

In order to fulfill scaling requirements and availability constraints,
Digitalsunray needed a reliable solution for hosting and delivering their newest solution in their portfolio. The existing infrastructure service required a lot of manual preparation work and maintenance overhead which led often to extensive engineering efforts and unexpected downtimes.

Die Lösung

happtiq embedded Digitalsunray’s newest solution into the Google
Cloud environment and automated the build and deployment process into a Kubernetes cluster. The application is being fully monitored by Cloud Monitoring which alerts engineers proactively before the customer notices issues with the application. A Google managed Cloud SQL secures the data storage layer in the backend.

Die Ergebnisse

The Google Cloud solution enables Digitalsunray to scale the solution on demand and depending on the success of their application and customer requests. Unexpected downtimes during non-business hours belong to the past now and Digitalsunray’s engineers can focus on innovation, improving the current stack and new features and projects.

happtiq helped us with their in-depth expertise to establish a reliable and scalable infrastructure for our client projects. The team supported us with the transition to the Google Cloud Platform in a very professional and hands-on way. With happtiq’s help we built the foundation for future growth, flexibility and scalability.

Marko Goels, Head of Digital Projects

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