WHAT IS NEW in the google cloud?

Lies über die neuesten Services in der Google Cloud und warum happtiq der Google Cloud Partner ist, dem du vertrauen kannst!

Best Google Cloud ETL Tools

Extract, Transform, and Load (ETL) refers to a series of processes that map…

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How to – Google Cloud Migration?

Google Cloud Migration refers to a process by which enterprises move part o…

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google cloud certifications

Google Cloud Certifications

Google Cloud has certification programs to validate the skills of individua…

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Spotify’s journey with Google Cloud

In 2016, Spotify announced that it would be moving to Google Cloud. Spotify…

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Google´s carbon-free future

Google is aiming to be the first major company to run 24/7 on carbon-free e…

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gke autopilot and partner solutions

GKE Autopilot and its new partner solutions

In February 2021, Google Cloud added an Autopilot operation mode to the Sta…

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anthos service mesh

Anthos Service Mesh

Anthos Service Mesh (ASM) is Google Cloud’s fully managed service mesh for …

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Cloud Armor

Cloud Armor is an enterprise-grade DDoS service and web application firewal…

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distributed cloud

Google Distributed Cloud

Data sovereignty needs, region/industry-specific compliance, and local data…

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Google Cloud Managed Service for Prometheus (2021)

Prometheus utilizes powerful tools such as Grafana to provide observability…

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cloud run

Cloud Run for Anthos

The integration of Cloud Run with Anthos avails a flexible serverless platf…

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Top 3 Developer Tools in Google Cloud

Google Cloud avails powerful developer tools to enable you to develop, depl…

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Benefits of Google Cloud Hosting

Google Cloud Platform (GCP) provides a wide range of fully managed and inte…

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Google Cloud NAT

Cloud NAT is a software-defined solution that lets certain resources withou…

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Google Cloud API Management Capabilities

Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) facilitate interactions between s…

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serverless spark

Google Cloud Serverless Spark

With serverless Spark, you will be able to power ETL, data science, and dat…

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Google Cloud VMware Engine

Migrating to the Cloud is a top priority for most enterprises today. The bi…

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load balancing

Load Balancing in GCP

Cloud Load Balancing (CLB) is a fully distributed software-defined service …

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Cloud IDS (New GCP Feature 2021)

Cloud Intrusion Detection System (IDS) is Google Cloud’s solution for detec…

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From Google Borg to Kubernetes

Since its introduction, Kubernetes has been one of the leading container te…

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Data Lineage

Data lineage encompasses tracing data from its source and the transformatio…

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Cloud Vision API

Google Cloud Vision API is a powerful cloud-based solution that combines th…

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Blockchain on the Google Cloud Platform

Blockchain, which has experienced exponential growth over the last decade, …

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Google Cloud Audit Logging

Cloud Audit Logs is a logging service on GCP that generates records of the …

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tool comparison

Infrastructure as Code – Tool Comparison [Terraform vs. Deployment manager vs. Ansible]

Infrastructure as Code (IaC) is a software delivery method that emerged thr…

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Google Workspace

Collaborative work with Google Workspace

Google has revolutionized and rebranded their G-Suite offering to Google Wo…

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New Google Cloud Data Services (Vertex AI, Dataplex, Datastream)

In companies that deal with large volumes of data, complex data management …

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data catalog

Google Cloud Data Catalog

Google Cloud Data Catalog is a highly scalable indexing service dedicated t…

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Google Cloud Anthos

Applications need to be developed and deployed both on clouds and on-premis…

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Dataloss Prevention API

Data security is vital to companies that handle clients’ private informatio…

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google cloud discounts

Google Cloud Discounts

Google Cloud’s devotion to providing affordable Compute Engine services is …

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Infrastructure as Code (Possibilities and Benefits)

Infrastructure as Code is a modern software delivery method that has emerge…

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Google Cloud BeyondCorp

BeyondCorp Enterprise is a Google Cloud offering that solves this problem. …

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security weeks #5

Google Cloud BeyondCorp Enterprise [Google Cloud Security Weeks #5]

So quickly time has passed now and we are in the 5th and final week of our …

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Google Cloud Security Weeks #4

Week 4 of our Google Cloud Security Weeks started and we would like to give…

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Why Trust the Google Cloud [Google Cloud Security Weeks #3]

We are now in week 3 of our Google Cloud Security Weeks and would like to c…

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Google Cloud Unmanaged Accounts [Google Cloud Security Weeks #2]

Last week we talked about the fact that such accounts exist in many compani…

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unmanaged accounts

Google Cloud Unmanaged Accounts [Google Cloud Security Weeks #1]

Do you know how many of your employees have a Google account with their bus…

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Google Serverless CI/CD

Serverless computing is a modern software delivery method that takes away t…

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gke autopilot

Google Kubernetes Engine Autopilot

Google continues delivering tools that make the life of developers easier. …

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database migration

Google Cloud Database Migration Service

Migrating your Databases to the cloud brings significant enhancements to yo…

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Cloud Logging and Monitoring

Cloud logging and monitoring is the process of storing logs across all Clou…

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Data Warehousing mit BigQuery

Data warehouses contain large collections of both historical and current bu…

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lift and shift

Lift und Shift VMs

The Cloud has grown to become the main location for storing data for busine…

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What is Knative?

Knative is a platform built on top of Kubernetes that enables you to build,…

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Hybrid and Multi-Cloud

Hybrid und Multi-cloud

A hybrid cloud is a type a of cloud computing architecture that combines pu…

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containerization in gcp

Containerization in GCP

Containerization is a topic that has greatly gained traction in the softwar…

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