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What is Apigee?

Apigee is the industry-leading platform for the full life cycle management of APIs. It has been independently active for over a decade before merging with Google Cloud in 2016, to provide a cloud-native API management solution. With this native backing from Google Cloud, Apigee permits enterprises to handle APIs as products and manage the entire life cycle of GraphQL APIs. This includes designing, securing, analyzing, and scaling API programs anywhere with visibility and control for partners, employees, customers, and vendors.

Apigee allows you to accurately monetize your API products, maximizing their business value. It provides flexible portal options for you to drive consumption of the APIs you build. With visibility, you will be able to acquire actionable insights across the entire API value chain. Knowing this, what are some of the capabilities of this service?

Whether you prefer to go cloud-native, on-premises, or a hybrid of both for hosting your API products, it doesn’t matter. Apigee hybrid avails all of these options to you. You get total control to execute the policies you configure for security, traffic management, and efficiency (runtime) while positioning gateways closer to your API traffic. Apigee’s integration with Google Cloud permits you to harness its capabilities such as developer portal, monitoring, and analytics. Your APIs will have an opportunity to utilize Google Cloud’s multilayer security and privacy via services such as IAM and Cloud Armor.

Apigee Integration

Apigee Integration enables you to connect to existing data and applications and avail them as easily accessible APIs for potential partners, customers, etc. Based on Google Cloud’s architecture principles, Apigee Integration permits developers in IT teams to scale APIs. This cuts down the time developers take to build these solutions.

Apigee is a proxy that isolates the app developer from your back-end service to enable a consistent front-end API. In this way, you can make changes such as changing the database implementation or moving your services to a new host, without disrupting users. Your APIs will always be available and performing at the expected level. Apigee also incorporates AI-powered API monitoring to facilitate turning your API data into actionable insights. With this tool, you can easily identify API issues, apply your API’s historical metadata to predict API traffic patterns, and subsequently detect anomalies in real-time.    

With Apigee you can create a wide variety of API packages, reports, payment gateways, etc., and package them as digital assets for monetization to realize a revenue stream. You can also expand the global reach of your APIs by hosting across the worldwide cloud network.   

About APIs

Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) facilitate interactions between software allowing developers to leverage data and functionality at scale. The perception of APIs as just bits of code is inaccurate and here is why. Enterprises can recruit APIs to avail their data for integration with new partnerships and digital services. These APIs would have to be designed to be easy to use, regularly updated, and maintained so that channels do not break as functionality evolves. Additionally, unauthorized access needs to be prevented and compatibility with multiple platforms has to be ensured. Since these APIs will be handling the enterprise’s most valuable data, they need to be treated as digital products that need full life cycle management.

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