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yareto gmbh – Driving Change with Cloud Run

Yareto GmbH is the leading B2B credit comparison portal for vehicle financing in Germany. Their vision is to provide an innovative platform that utilizes technical solutions to deliver tailor-made and needs-based offers in a constantly changing market.

The Challenge

Yareto needed to migrate their legacy systems away from their previous hosting provider before the end of the year. Existing monolith applications meant long deployment and release cycles as well as slow startup times. Having to maintain PostgreSQL servers themselves proved cumbersome and prevented them from focussing on work that aligns with their core business.

The solution

Yareto was able to break up their monolith into smaller, containerized workloads so that a microservice architecture based on Google’s serverless offerings became possible. Managed services like Cloud SQL and Pub/Sub were employed to elimitate toil in those areas. A code deployment process utilizing Artifact Registry and Cloud Build was established. Cloud Armor was added for DDoS protection.

The results

The solution enables Yareto to scale up their resources based on increased traffic during operating hours while scaling down to a minimum outside of them, thus saving on total infrastructure costs. By utilizing managed services like Cloud Run, operational overhead could be reduced greatly. Google Cloud’s baked-in security features enhanced the overall security posture of applications and data.

“happtiq was always there for brainstorming possible solutions with us. Being presented with multiple options but also receiving a recommended one from our partner was invaluable for this project.”

Fabian Schulte, Software Architect, Yareto

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